Relationship of the Number of Removed Lymph Nodes to Bladder Cancer and Competing Mortality After Radical Cystectomy

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Froehner M., Novotny V., Heberling U., Rutsch L., Litz R.J., Hübler M., Koch R., Baretton G.B., Wirth M.P.

European Urology 2014 

The extent of lymph node dissection in radical cystectomy is a subject of controversy. A more extended dissection has been reported to be associated with superior survival. We analyzed the relationship between the lymph node count and different causes of death in a sample of 735 patients who underwent radical cystectomy for recurrent or muscle-invasive urothelial or undifferentiated carcinoma of the bladder. The median follow-up was 7.8 yr. The median lymph node count was 17, and the median age was 67 yr. Although there was a clear association between lymph node count and overall survival (?21 vs <10 lymph nodes: 10-yr rates: 59% vs 32%, respectively; hazard ratio: 0.63; 95% confidence interval, 0.46-0.87; log-rank test: p = 0.0056), there was no detectable relationship between…(ver más)


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