Prostate Cancer Biomarker Profiles in Urinary Sediments and Exosomes

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Dijkstra S., Birker I.L., Smit F.P., Leyten G.H.J.M., de Reijke T.M., van Oort I.M., Mulders P.F.A., Jannink S.A., Schalken J.A.

Journal of Urology 2014

Purpose: Urinary biomarker tests for diagnosing prostate cancer have gained considerable interest. Urine is a complex mixture that can be subfractionated. We evaluated 2 urinary fractions that contain nucleic acids, ie cell pellets and exosomes. The influence of digital rectal examination before urine collection was also studied and the prostate cancer specific biomarkers PCA3 and TMPRSS2-ERG were assayed. Materials and Methods: Urine samples were prospectively obtained before and after digital rectal examination from 30 men scheduled for prostate biopsy. Cell pellet and exosomes were isolated and used for biomarker analysis. Analytical and diagnostic performance was tested using the Student t-test and ROC curves… (ver más)


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