Focal High-intensity Focused Ultrasound Targeted Hemiablation for Unilateral Prostate Cancer: A Prospective Evaluation of Oncologic and Functional Outcomes

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Feijoo E.R.C., Sivaraman A., Barret E., Sanchez-Salas R., Galiano M., Rozet F., Prapotnich D., Cathala N., Mombet A., Cathelineau X.

European Urology 2015

Background: In selected patients with unilateral, organ-confined prostate cancer (PCa), hemiablation of the affected lobe might be feasible to achieve acceptable cancer control with fewer complications. Objectives: To assess the oncologic and functional outcomes of focal high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) hemiablation in unilateral organ-confined PCa. Design, setting and patients: Single-center prospective evaluation of HIFU hemiablation for unilateral organ-confined PCa was performed from July 2009 through December 2013. Intervention: Cancer localization was done with transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy and multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging followed by HIFU hemiablation. Outcome measurement and statistical analysis: Oncologic outcomes were analyzed with control biopsies and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) measurement. Functional outcomes were assessed with validated questionnaires for genitourinary symptoms. Results and limitations: Of 71 HIFU hemiablation patients, 67 completed the study protocol. The mean age was 70.2 yr (standard deviation: 6.8 yr), and median PSA was 6.1 ng/ml (interquartile range [IQR]: 1.6-15.5 ng/ml). Median maximum cancer-core length was 3. mm (IQR: 2-10. mm), and total cancer length was 6.5. mm (IQR: 2-24. mm). Gleason score was 6 (3. +. 3) in 58 patients (86.6%) and 7 (3. +. 4) in 9 patients (13.4%). Median follow-up was 12 mo (IQR: 6-50 mo), and at 12 mo, 56 of 67 patients had a negative control biopsy in the treated lobe. At 3 mo, all patients were continent, and potency was maintained in 11 of 21 preoperatively potent patients (confidence interval, 0.18-0.69). Complications included 8% Clavien-Dindo grade 2 and 2.8% grade 3 events. Conclusions: Focal HIFU hemiablation appears to achieve acceptable oncologic outcomes with low morbidity and minimal functional changes. Longer follow-up will establish future considerations. Patient summary: This study showed that high-intensity focused ultrasound hemiablation in selected patients with unilateral organ-confined prostate cancer can be used for satisfactory cancer control with minimal effect on genitourinary functions. In selected patients with unilateral organ-confined prostate cancer, focal high-intensity focused ultrasound hemiablation appears to have satisfactory cancer control, low morbidity, and minimal effect on genitourinary functions. Longer follow-up and standardization of cancer localization and follow-up are warranted.


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