Treatment of the Primary Tumor in Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Current Concepts and Future Perspectives

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Bayne C.E., Williams S.B., Cooperberg M.R., Gleave M.E., Graefen M., Montorsi F., Novara G., Smaldone M.C., Sooriakumaran P., Wiklund P.N., Chapin B.F.

European Urology 2015

Context: Multimodal treatment for men with locally advanced prostate cancer (PCa) using neoadjuvant/adjuvant systemic therapy, surgery, and radiation therapy is being increasingly explored. There is also interest in the oncologic benefit of treating the primary tumor in the setting of metastatic PCa (mPCa). Objective: To perform a review of the literature regarding the treatment of the primary tumor in the setting of mPCa. Evidence acquisition: Medline, PubMed, and Scopus electronic databases were queried for English language articles from January 1990 to September 2014. Prospective and retrospective studies were included. Evidence synthesis: There is no published randomized controlled trial (RCT) comparing local therapy and systemic therapy to systemic therapy alone in the treatment of mPCa. Prospective studies of men with locally advanced PCa and retrospective studies of occult node-positive PCa have consistently shown the addition of local therapy to a…(vermás)


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