Prostate cancer survivorship care guideline: American society of clinical oncology clinical practice guideline endorsement

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Resnick M.J., Lacchetti C., Bergman J., Hauke R.J., Hoffman K.E., Kungel T.M., Morgans A.K., Penson D.F.

Journal of Clinical Oncology 2015 33:9 (1078-1085)

Purpose The guideline aims to optimize health and quality of life for the post-treatment prostate cancer survivor by comprehensively addressing components of follow-up care, including health promotion, prostate cancer surveillance, screening for new cancers, long-term and late functional effects of the disease and its treatment, psychosocial issues, and coordination of care between the survivor’s primary care physician and prostate cancer specialist. Methods The American Cancer Society (ACS) Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care Guidelines were reviewed for developmental rigor by methodologists. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Endorsement Panel reviewed the content and recommendations, offering modifications and/or qualifying statements when deemed necessary. Results The ASCO Endorsement Panel determined that the recommendations from the 2014 ACS Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care Guidelines are clear, thorough, and relevant, despite the limited availability of high-quality evidence to support many of the recommendations. ASCO endorses the ACS Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care Guidelines, with a number of qualifying statements and modifications. Recommendations Assess information needs related to…(vermás)


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