A systematic review of sequencing and combinations of systemic therapy in metastatic renal cancer

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Albiges L., Choueiri T., Escudier B., Galsky M., George D., Hofmann F., Lam T., Motzer R., Mulders P., Porta C., Powles T., Sternberg C., Bex A.

European Urology 2015 67:1 (100-110)

Context The introduction of novel molecular-targeted agents has revolutionised the management of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC). However, uncertainties remain over sequential or simultaneous combination therapies. Objective To systematically review relevant literature comparing the clinical effectiveness and harms of different sequencing and combinations of systemic targeted therapies for mRCC. Evidence acquisition Relevant databases (including Medline, Cochrane Library, trial registries, and conference proceedings) were searched (January 2000 to September 2013) including only randomised controlled trials (RCTs). Risk of bias assessment was performed. A qualitative and quantitative synthesis of the evidence was presented. Evidence synthesis The literature search identified 5149 articles. A total of 24 studies reporting on 9589 patients were eligible for inclusion; data from four studies were included for meta-analysis. There were generally low risks of bias across studies; however, clinical and methodological heterogeneity prevented pooling of data for most studies. Overall, the data showed several targeted therapies were…(vermás)


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