Circulating serum miRNA (miR-367-3p, miR-371a-3p, miR-372-3p and miR-373-3p) as biomarkers in patients with testicular germ cell cancer

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Syring I.

The Journal of urology 2015 193:1 (331-337)

RESULTS: Serum miR-367-3p, 371a-3p, 372-3p and 373-3p levels were significantly increased in patients with testicular germ cell tumor compared to healthy individuals and patients with nonmalignant testicular disease. In particular miR-371a-3p allowed for sensitive (84.7%) and specific (99%) identification of patients with testicular germ cell tumor, thus, outperforming human chorionic gonadotropin or ?1-fetoprotein testing. Furthermore, miR-367-3p was increased in nonseminoma compared to seminoma cases. Serum miRNA levels were increased in patients with advanced local stage and metastasis. In 9 patients with localized (clinical stage 1A) testicular germ cell tumor serum miR-371a-3p levels decreased postoperatively, indicating tumor specific release.CONCLUSIONS: miR-371a-3p allows for better identification of testicular germ cell tumor than ?1-fetoprotein and…(vermás)


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