The Risk of Urinary Tract Infection after Flexible Cystoscopy in Patients with Bladder Tumor Who Did Not Receive Prophylactic Antibiotics

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Herr H.W.

Journal of Urology 2014

Purpose: The frequency of febrile urinary tract infection was determined after outpatient flexible cystoscopy in antibiotic nai¨ve patients with bladder tumor. Materials and Methods: A total of 3,108 outpatient cystoscopies were performed in 1,110 patients with bladder tumor. Immediately before cystoscopy patients submitted a voided urine sample for culture. Significant bacteriuria was defined as greater than 104 cfu/ml of a single organism. Patients received no antibiotics immediately before or after cystoscopy. They were followed for 30 days for onset of febrile urinary tract infection. Results: Of the 3,108 patient cystoscopies 673 (22%)…(vermás)


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