Impact of adjuvant radiotherapy on survival of patients with node-positive prostate cancer

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Abdollah F., Karnes R.J., Suardi N., Cozzarini C., Gandaglia G., Fossati N., Vizziello D., Sun M., Karakiewicz P.I., Menon M., Montorsi F., Briganti A.

Journal of Clinical Oncology 201432:35 (3939-3947)

Purpose: The role of adjuvant radiotherapy (aRT) in treating patients with pN1 prostate cancer is controversial. We tested the hypothesis that the impact of aRT on cancer-specific mortality (CSM) in these individuals is related to tumor characteristics. Methods: We evaluated 1,107 patients with pN1 prostate cancer treated with radical prostatectomy and anatomically extended pelvic lymph node dissection between 1988 and 2010 at two tertiary care centers. All patients received adjuvant hormonal therapy with or without aRT. Regression tree analysis stratified patients into risk groups on the basis of their tumor characteristics and the corresponding CSM rate. Cox regression analysis tested the relationship between aRT and CSM rate, as well as overall mortality…(vermás)


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