Nomogram Predicting Prostate Cancer-specific Mortality for Men with Biochemical Recurrence After Radical Prostatectomy

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Brockman J.A., Alanee S., Vickers A.J., Scardino P.T., Wood D.P., Kibel A.S., Lin D.W., Bianco Jr. F.J., Rabah D.M., Klein E.A., Ciezki J.P., Gao T., Kattan M.W., Stephenson A.J.

European Urology 2014

Background: The natural history of prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-defined biochemical recurrence (BCR) of prostate cancer (PCa) after definitive local therapy is highly variable. Validated prediction models for PCa-specific mortality (PCSM) in this population are needed for treatment decision-making and clinical trial design. Objective: To develop and validate a nomogram to predict the probability of PCSM from the time of BCR among men with rising PSA levels after radical prostatectomy. Design, setting, and participants: Between 1987 and 2011, 2254 men treated by radical prostatectomy at one of five high-volume hospitals experienced BCR, defined as three successive PSA rises (final value >0.2 ng/ml), single PSA >0.4 ng/ml, or use of secondary therapy administered for detectable PSA >0.1 ng/ml…(ver más)


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