Grade Heterogeneity in Small Renal Masses: Potential Implications for Renal Mass Biopsy

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Ball M.W., Bezerra S.M., Gorin M.A., Cowan M., Pavlovich C.P., Pierorazio P.M., Netto G.J., Allaf M.E.

Journal of Urology 2015

Purpose: Understanding the degree of phenotypic heterogeneity in a small renal mass may have implications for interpreting renal mass biopsy data. In this study we quantify nuclear grade heterogeneity in small renal masses. Materials and Methods: Our institutional renal mass database was queried for patients with T1a (less than 4 cm) renal masses stratified by the criteria of imaging diameter less than 2 cm or 2 cm or greater, clear cell or papillary histology, low grade (Fuhrman 1-2) or high grade (Fuhrman 3-4) with tissue available for review. Four consecutive specimens were chosen from each of the 8 strata for a total of 32…(ver más)


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