Surveillance for stage I nonseminoma testicular cancer: Outcomes and long-term follow-up in a population-based cohort

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Daugaard G., Gundgaard M.G., Mortensen M.S., Agerbæk M., Holm N.V., Rørth M., Von Der Maase H., Christensen I.J., Lauritsen J.

Journal of Clinical Oncology 2014 32:34 (3817-3823)

Purpose: To describe treatment results in a large cohort with stage I nonseminoma germ cell cancer (NSGCC) treated in a surveillance program. Patients and Methods: From January 1, 1984, to December 31, 2007, 1,226 patients with stage I NSGCC, including high-risk patients with vascular invasion, were observed in a surveillance program. Results: The relapse rate after orchiectomy alone was 30.6% at 5 years. Presence of vascular invasion together with embryonal carcinoma and rete testis invasion in the testicular primary identified a group with a relapse risk of 50%. Without risk factors, the relapse risk was 12%. Eighty percent of relapses were diagnosed within the first year after orchiectomy. The median time to relapse was…(ver más)


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