Identifying Optimal Candidates for Local Treatment of the Primary Tumor Among Patients Diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer: A SEER-based Study

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Fossati N., Trinh Q.-D., Sammon J., Sood A., Larcher A., Sun M., Karakiewicz P., Guazzoni G., Montorsi F., Briganti A., Menon M., Abdollah F.

European Urology 2014

A recent study observed a survival benefit in men diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer (mPCa) and managed with local treatment of the primary tumor (LT; either radical prostatectomy plus pelvic lymph node dissection or radiation therapy). We tested the hypothesis that only specific mPCa patients would benefit from LT and that the potential benefit would vary based on primary tumor characteristics. A total of 8197 mPCa patients at diagnosis (M1a, M1b, and M1c) were identified using the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results database (2004-2011) and were divided according to treatment type: LT versus nonlocal treatment of the primary tumor (NLT; either androgen deprivation therapy or observation). Multivariable Cox regression analysis was used to predict cancer-specific mortality (CSM) in patients that received NLT. To assess whether the benefit of LT was…(ver más)


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