Cystectomy for refractory hemorrhagic cystitis: Contemporary etiology, presentation and outcomes

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Linder B.J., Tarrell R.F., Boorjian S.A.

Journal of Urology 2014 192:6 (1687-1692)

Conclusions Cystectomy for hemorrhagic cystitis is associated with a high risk of perioperative complications and mortality, consistent with the baseline clinical status of this patient cohort and, as such, should remain a last resort to control bleeding after failure of conservative measures. Results Median patient age at surgery was 77 years (IQR 72, 80) and 81% (17 of 21) of patients were male. The most common etiology for hemorrhagic cystitis was prior radiation therapy for prostate cancer (17, 81%). Median time from receipt of radiation to cystectomy in these patients was 91 months (IQR 73, 125). Median ASA® (American Society of Anesthesiologists) score at cystectomy was 3 and median preoperative hemoglobin was… (ver más)


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