The effect of restaging transurethral resection on recurrence and progression rates in patients with nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer treated with intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guérin

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Sfakianos J.P., Kim P.H., Hakimi A.A., Herr H.W.

Journal of Urology 2014 191:2 (341-345)

Purpose We determined whether restaging resection before initiating induction intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guérin improves the recurrence-free rate in patients with high risk nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer. Materials and Methods We retrospectively analyzed data on 1,021 patients treated at our institution with intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guérin for nonmuscle invasive high risk bladder cancer. All patients underwent a second resection except those already receiving bacillus Calmette-Guérin at the time of initial consultation and those who refused restaging resection. All patients were assessed every 3 to 12 months for a minimum of 5 years. Univariate and multivariate regression was used to identify predictors of 5-year recurrence… (ver más)


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