Detectable prostate-specific antigen nadir during androgen-deprivation therapy predicts adverse prostate cancer-specific outcomes: Results from the SEARCH database

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Keto C.J., Aronson W.J., Terris M.K., Presti J.C., Kane C.J., Amling C.L., Freedland S.J.

European Urology 2014 65:3 (620-627)

Background: A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level <0.2 ng/ml 8 mo after starting on androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) is correlated with better outcomes. However, not all men reach a nadir PSA level within 8 mo. Whether the lowest PSA on ADT – specifically, <0.2 ng/ml – can be used for risk stratification is untested. Objective: We examined the predictive value of small but detectable PSA nadir values on prostate cancer (PCa)-specific outcomes in men treated with early ADT after radical prostatectomy (RP). Design, setting, and participants: We performed a retrospective review of men treated with ADT after RP before metastases from the SEARCH database. We identified 402 men treated with ADT for elevated PSA following RP, of whom 294 men had complete data. Median follow-up after PSA nadir was 49 mo. All men had a PSA nadir <4 ng/ml; 223 men (76%) had an undetectable nadir… (ver más)


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